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Units of Measure
The following page details wood measurement techniques used generally in the timber trade and here at Richard Potter Timber.
The great majority of imported softwoods are sold in metric lengths based on multiples of 0.3 of a metre (300mm). There follows a basic list of available metric lengths together with the approximate imperial equivalents. The packs of timber we stock are mostly bought on a random length basis and do not necessarily contain every length.
0.6 Metres1´11.5"3.0 Metres9´10"
0.9 Metres2´11"3.3 Metres10´9.5"
1.2 Metres3´11"3.6 Metres11´9.5"
1.5 Metres4´11"3.9 Metres12´9"
1.8 Metres5´10.5"4.2 Metres13´9"
2.1 Metres6´10.5"4.5 Metres14´8"
2.4 Metres7´10.5"4.8 Metres15´8"
2.7 Metres8´10"5.1 Metres16´8"

When considering timber purchases customers are advised to ask for actual lengths required. For example, if your job requires three pieces of wood at 900mm in length, do not ask for one piece at 2700mm in length-this greatly reduces the likelihood of paying for unnecessary waste.
The International Hardwood Trade has not yet fully converted to the Metric System. The Imperial (Feet & Inches) system of measurement is still sometimes used. Richard Potter always adheres to Trading Standards and invoices in Metric as required. Clients should note that Hardwoods are largely supplied on a random width and length basis. Our staff will be pleased to advise on specific size availability.
Sheet Materials
Plywood manufacturers world wide produce sheet sizes which are always imperial lengths and widths. The vast majority of sheets are always 8´x4´ (2440mm x 1220mm). The thicknesses, however, are always in millimetres.
Door and Frame Sizes
The table below details available door and frame sizes both in Metric and Imperial measurements.
Standard Door and Frame Sizes Guide
6' 6" x 2' 6"1981mm x 762mm
6' 6" x 2' 9"1981mm x 838mm
6' 8" x 2' 8"2032mm x 813mm

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