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Timber Care
Timber is a natural product and will give many decades of service providing it is treated with care. This is of particular importance immediately after purchase and prior to use.
It is very important that quality timbers, Hardwoods and Softwoods alike are not subjected to a sudden change in temperature, for example:
  • Do not suddenly introduce timber into a centrally heated environment, particularly in winter
  • Do not allow exposure to the sun.
  • Never store timber on end. Always store flat.
  • Do allow timber time to acclimatise slowly to a new environment before work commences.
  • Timber used indoors will shrink, and this should be considered before use.
Many problems have now diminished due to the wide availability of kiln dried Hardwoods. The foregoing is general advice, our staff will be pleased to give further specific information as appropriate. All timber needs to be treated or preserved in some way.
For outside work some form of preservative must be applied, usually before use. Timber used inside also requires appropriate treatment, again our staff will be happy to advise.
We at Richard Potter have always taken great care of our stock. Timber is always stored flat and dry. We regularly encourage the further natural air drying of timber by appropriate stacking.
The Grading Rules for imported timber are complex and vary widely from country to country. In broad terms, timber is graded into four bands. Our stock originates only from the top two.
The timber we supply for joinery and any other quality use is only from the highest group.

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