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Richard Potter Timber offers a number of customer services including...
  • Wood Machining Service
  • Local Delivery Service
  • Convenient Parking
Wood Machining Service

Saw Mill

A comprehensive service is offered for both the machining of Hardwoods and Softwoods, together with a cutting to size service for Plywood and Blockboard and other sheet material.
Machining Orders
All of our stock can be cut to size as required. Timber can be planed all round (PAR), on one of our thickness planers, or planed square edge (PSE), where the timber is first run over a jointing or surface planer before final thicknessing.
We have a moulding service from one of our many cutters held in stock. We offer a bespoke moulding service, grinding cutters to match your existing skirtings, architraves, dado rails etc.
Please provide as much notice as practical. Often we are unable to carry out instant cutting-to-size or machining orders due to existing commitments- we are keen to avoid the disappointment that this can entail. Placing your order ahead of time leads to increased efficiency at our end and less time wasted for you. Please note that all machining orders must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.
We are more than happy to give quotes with no obligation to you. We have found that the best way to go about this is for you to come in and see us with your cutting list. If you are unable to do this and would prefer to e-mail, then please include your telephone number. It should be noted that our inbox is not constantly monitored.
When ordering Planed All Round Timber customers should note that the actual size of machined timber can be as much as 6mm less. This is also important when buying Tongued and Grooved Boards as the actual width of cover is always at least 13mm less.
Local Delivery Service


Richard Potter Timber offers a local delivery service by arrangement.
Convenient Parking

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