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Pressure Treated Timber
The following sections of ungraded Whitewood are pressure treated with a green preservative.
Please enquire for current lengths (Usually around 4.8m). Prices do not include VAT.
75 x 150Treated4.80
47 x 200Treated4.50 per metre
47 x 150Treated3.40 per metre
47 x 100Treated 2.40 per metre
47 x 75Treated1.80 per metre
47 x 47Treated 1.20 per metre
Pressure Treated Timber
The following sections of ungraded spruce are available pressure treated with a green preservative.
Please enquire for current length availability
100 x 100 Treated4.50 per metre
100 x 100 Metal soil spike8.60
100 x 100 Metal bolt-down anchor7.00
75 x 75Treated3.60 per metre
75 x 75Metal soil spike7.00
75 x 75Metal bolt-down anchor4.80
22 x 150Treated2.30 per metre
22 x 100Treated1.40 per metre
22 x 75Treated1.00 per metre
25 x 50 Treated0.85 per metre
25 x 38Treated0.65 per metre
19 x 38Treated0.50 per metre
25 x 50Fence capping3.40 per 2.4 metres
Pressure Treated Timber
This item is a treated softwood rail planed all round, and is ideal for fence rails or banding on the reverse of gates.
Price is per piece, excluding VAT.
100 x 32 (95 x 30)Treated2.60 mtr
Treated Feather Edged Boarding
Each piece is 125mm wide, and tapers from around 10mm on one edge to around 6mm on the other, allowing each piece to overlap its neighbour.
Price is per piece, excluding VAT.
 Treated1.8 metres - 1.44
 Treated2.4 metres - 1.92
Pressure Treated Timber
These last items are treated softwood sleepers.
Price is per piece, excluding VAT.
100 x 200 (Approx.)2.4 metres20.00 each
100 x 200 (Approx.)3.0 metres25.00 each
Redwood - Tongue & Grooved
These are interlocking boards which will cover large areas with great stability. The original sawn dimension is given first, followed by the measured or 'finished' thickness, and the approximate coverage of each board.The first two sections are square jointed, and are suitable for flooring, the others are 'v'-jointed, giving an attractive 'v' shape where the boards interlock. Prices are per lineal metre and do not include VAT.
As with all of our redwood, the choice of length may be limited.
25 x 150(22x137) 4.80
25 x 150 'v' joint(22x137) Made to order
25 x 100 'V'(22x87) 3.20
19 x 125 'V'(15x113) 3.20
19 x 100 'V'(15x89) 2.20
Shiplap Boarding
Tongue & Grooved with a 'scalloped' face, often used as horizontal cladding for sheds and ancillary buildings
19 x 125(15x113) 2.10 per metre
Tongue and Groove Pressure Treated Timber
Price is per metre, excluding VAT. The approximate coverage and finished thickness are shown in brackets. Please enquire for available lengths.
100 x 19 (87 x 15)Treated green 1.60
19 x 125 (15 x 110)Treated green Shiplap 2.00
Sawn Larch lap boards
Price is per piece
19 x 1751.8 metres5.90
19 x 1752.1 metres6.90
19 x 1752.4 metres7.90
Canadian Lumber Standard(CLS)
Ideal for stud walls. Sold very strictly as seen. Price is nett per piece excluding VAT.
38 x 632.4 metres3.00
38 x 892.4 metres4.00

  • All prices in GBP ()
  • All prices exclusive of VAT (VAT currently 20%)
  • Most sizes, available in 300mm multiples (most treated timber 4.8mtr or 2.4mtr only)
  • All Tongue & Grooved, CLS, and planed all round sizes are shown nominal
  • Delivery service available

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