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Sheet Materials Held at Richard Potter
The purpose of this page is to give our customers a very brief insight into the Sheet Material stocks held by Richard Potter. The page contains useful information about end uses, countries of origin, and available thicknesses, etc. All the information should be useful to everybody, but particularly to those who are not familiar with the Sheet Material Trade.

Members of our staff are always available to give further advice and information.

Plywood is a number of timber veneers glued together with each layer at right angles to the next. This is why plywood has a very high strength/weight ratio. Timber is approximately 40 times stronger along the grain than across. Plywood always has an odd number of veneers thus ensuring the direction of grain is the same on both faces. Just like timber generally, plywoods are enormously versatile and have a vast range of uses world wide.
Thin birch plywood grade BR/BR (Interior). Usually from Finland.
For exacting quality work where thinness is important. Popular with schools.

1.5mm thickness in stock; 1.0, 0.8, and 0.4mm available to order.
Blockboard (Two Good faces)
Blockboard is usually 4 timber veneers with a solid timber core. It is well known for stability and ease of use. Blockboard is used for internal work only and is widely used for quality furniture units, small doors, shelves, etc. Sold in full sheets only. Can be cut to order.
Blockboard (Decorative)
Double sided with high class oak or ash veneers.
Birch Ply BB/BB. This is at the top of UK BSEN 635-2 Grade III(Exterior)
Marine quality solid birch-throughout core with phenolic resin. Very versatile.Two solid sanded faces with 'batman patches' of filler permitted in both faces.Currently imported from Russia, Finland, Poland & Latvia.
Far Eastern, (usually Malayan), Plywood (Exterior glue) BB/CC
A basic hardwood ply with two solid faces. Grading does allow certain minor defects. Part Sheets are available cut to size in this quality.
Sheathing Ply (Exterior) CX/CX
A robust softwood ply, solid and strong.
Decorative Ply (Interior)
Usually one sided with a very high class veneer of Oak, Sapele or Ash.
Standard Chipboard
Extensively used particle board, has a wide range of uses especially internal work - furniture carcassing etc.
Flooring Chipboard
Available in Tongued & Grooved Boards.
Melamine Faced Chipboard
Popular for internal shelving and economy furniture. Not suitable as kitchen worktops.
Standard Hardboard
The traditional board used in a variety of economic applications. Floor and Door covering etc. Usually necessary to dampen the sheets reverse before use.
OSB III (Orientated Strand Board)
Exterior Building Board made from thin wafers of timber - many uses particularly in the Construction Industry. Inexpensive.
Medium Density Fibreboard - MDF (Interior)
Strong, dense and very versatile.3mm up to 25mm thicknesses. We carry moisture resistant MDF in 18 & 30mm thicknesses.
Interior Medium Density Fibreboard (White Painted)
As above, uses also include internal lining of kitchen furniture. 3mm thick only.
Veneered Medium Density Fibreboard
Increasingly popular substitute for veneered blockboard. Ash, Oak or Walnut.
Sundeala K Board
Grey/Green Fibreboard - Very popular in Schools etc. for Notice Boards and Display work.
Insulation Board
Light weight product - internal lining of ancillary buildings.
Plaster Board
The Building Trades standard board for walls, partitions etc. Can be plastered or decorated over.
Expanded Polystyrene
Extremely light sheets for insulation.
UCO Board
Asbestos Free, hard, Fire-proof board, gives Half Hour fire resistance when used appropriately.

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