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Hardwood Sizes Guide

All the hardwoods detailed on this page, except for the green oak sleepers, are high quality, kiln-dried boards, stored flat and under cover. Most packs of hardwood that arrive in the yard comprise a single thickness, one or perhaps two lengths, and random widths, meaning that all boards in a pack are 4" wide and wider. The word 'wider' has never had a clear definition, with most boards measuring between 6" and 8".
Prices below are per cubic metre, excluding V.A.T., and are for sawn stock, purchased 'boards rising' (This is where you purchase the board as seen). We will sell part boards for smaller projects, but this may incur a surcharge. We are unable to sell part of a board if we are left with a piece shorter than 2.13m(7') or narrower than 152mm (6"). Available thicknesses are detailed below. A comprehensive machining service is available- this includes planing to size, glueing and biscuit jointing, chamfering & bevelling, rebates and bespoke moulding.
We are always happy to advise on materials, and we will quote for any size of project with no obligation to you. Machining charges start at 40 per machinist per hour plus V.A.T for simple cutting to length, cutting/planing to size and simple jig work and jointing, please enquire for rates on more complex moulding work. We are happy to provide estimates without obligation to buy.
Ash, European Kiln-Dried FAS.
Thickness Price
25mm 2000.00
Ash, American, Kiln-Dried FAS.
50mm 2600.00
Beech, European Kiln-Dried FAS.
Usually straight-grained with a fine even texture. Steam treatment, a part of the seasoning process, turns the wood a pink or reddish-brown colour. Beech is strong and lends itself well to steam bending. Commonly used in cabinet making, polishes to a fine finish. Unsuitable for exterior use.
Thickness Price
25mm 1600.00
50mm 1700.00
Idigbo. Kiln-Dried FAS.
A durable and stable hardwood, though not unduly hard or heavy, Iroko has a pleasing appearance and is outstanding for exterior joinery applications.
Thickness Price
50mm Out of stock
75mm Out of stock
Jelutong (Borneo, Sumatra, Malaya.)
Usually white to straw coloured, finely textured with a straight grain. Not naturally durable, Jelutong lends itself well to carving and model making.
Thickness Price
100mm  1900.00
American Hard White Maple, (USA, Canada).Kiln Dried FAS
Hard and heavy as the name suggests, with an attractive creamy-white colour. Hard wearing, though not particularly suited to external applications, Maple has a fine, even texture and natural lustre. Will take stain and varnish.
Thickness Price
25mm 1700.00
50mm Out of stock
Oak, American White(USA).Kiln-Dried FAS
This popular timber can vary in colour from pale yellow-brown to pale brown. Oak has reasonable durability for exterior applications. Attractive, yet fairly economical in hardwood terms. Its acidity will corrode ferrous metals.
Thickness Price
25mm 3400.00
Oak, European. (Croatia). Kiln-Dried PRIME.
'Prime grade, very high quality, and much easier to machine than the American equivalent. Two square edges, random widths. Very good durability for exterior applications.
Thickness Price
38mm 5000.00
50mm 5000.00
75mm 6000.00
Solid Oak mouldings and PSE sections. All 2.4mtr.
Approximate finished sizeMouldingPrice per 2.4mtr length, (Threshold strip is priced per foot), excluding V.A.T.
15mm x 15mmScotia7.80
18mm x 18mmScotia9.40
21mm x 21mmScotia13.80
12mm x 12mmQuadrant5.80
15mm x 15mmQuadrant7.80
18mm x 18mmQuadrant10.00
21mm x 21mmQuadrant13.80
18mm x 6mmHalf round4.60
18mm x 6mmD Mould4.60
21mm x 6mmD Mould5.20
31mm x 6mmD Mould7.60
34mm x 6mmD Mould8.20
46mm x 6mmD Mould10.40
18mm x 18mmCushion corner10.00
21mm x 21mmCushion corner13.80
35mm x 35mmCushion corner32.00
21mm x 9mmBarrel mould7.20
34mm x 12mmBarrel mould13.20
15mm x 8mmBroken ogee5.60
21mm x 8mmBroken ogee6.80
34mm x 12mmDoorstop13.20
12mm x 6mmPSE5.80
19mm x 6mmPSE7.80
33mm x 6mmPSE11.00
44mm x 6mmPSE13.50
21mm x 9mmPSE7.80
33mm x 9mmPSE11.80
44mm x 9mmPSE13.50
12mm x 12mmPSE5.80
21mm x 12mmPSE7.80
33mm x 12mmPSE11.00
44mm x 12mmPSE13.50
60mm x 12mmPSE18.50
33mm x 15mmPSE11.00
44mm x 15mmPSE13.50
60mm x 15mmPSE18.50
21mm x 21mmPSE7.80
33mm x 21mmPSE11.00
44mm x 21mmPSE13.50
60mm x 21mmPSE18.50
Sapele. Kiln-Dried. FAS
A dark-reddish hardwood with a natural lustre, often characteristically 'striped', Sapele is widely used for internal and external joinery of a substantial nature. Price is per cubic metre
Thickness Price
25mm 2000.00
32mm 2000.00
38mm 2000.00
50mm 2000.00
75mm 2000.00
100mm 2200.00
A stable, economical alternative to Maple for interior projects.
Thickness Price
25mm 1600.00
50mm 1600.00
Walnut, American Black. Superior grade.
A tough, strong wood which cuts cleanly due to its oily nature. Its appearance can vary from light to rich dark brown, often with purplish-black heartwood. Walnut glues well and can be polished to a fine finish.
Thickness Price
25mm 4600.00
50mm 4600.00

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