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We carry the usual range of PVA and Polyurethane adhesives.
Timco Grip and fill
350 mlStandard3.80
350 mlSolvent- free3.00
Everbuild Silicones & Sealants 310ml
175 Acrylic (Frame) SealantBrown & White1.40
500 Bath & Sanitary SealantWhite & Clear3.40
225 Glazing SiliconeWhite & Clear2.80
335 Low Modulus SiliconeTransparent, White, Brown, Grey & Black3.80
Roof & Gutter SealantBlack1.90
125 One Hour Caulk Interior/ExteriorWhite, Brown, Magnolia1.75
D4 Express Polyurethane Construction Adhesive
Size Price
310ml 8.00
Expanding Foam
Size Price
750ml One4.50

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  • All prices exclusive of VAT (VAT currently 20%)

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