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Black Plastic 112mm Half Round Guttering and 68mm Downpipe, manufactured by Floplast.
SizeDescriptionPrice per box
4 mtrGutter8.70
2 mtrGutter5.50
 Running Outlet3.60
90 degGutter Angle2.20
135 degGutter Angle2.70
 Gutter Stop End - Internal1.00
 Gutter Stop End - External1.60
 Fascia Bracket1.20
 Gutter Union2.40
 Rise & Fall Bracket3.60
4 mtrDownpipe8.70
2.5 mtrDownpipe5.50
 Downpipe Socket1.20
 90 degree downpipe bend2.10
 112 degree downpipe bend1.80
 Downpipe Branch3.70
 Downpipe Bracket1.20

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