Richard Potter Timber Heading French Oak Beams QPA1F

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  Prices are nett plus V.A.T collected from our yard. These beams are to French grading standard QPA1F. Green Oak suitable for all manner of exterior projects, workshops, large sheds, garden rooms etc. Green oak can be used indoors, but will split and distort more noticeably than Oak dried slowly outside over several years. Regular oiling can often help slow the rapid drying process. Please note that we are able to source lengths and sections not shown here.
Size Price per piece ex vat
200mm x 200mm x 4.5mtr 171.00
200mm x 200mm x 3.5mtr 133.00
200mm x 200mm x 3.0mtr 114.00
200mm x 200mm x 2.5mtr 95.00
150mm x 150mm x 4.5mtr 95.85
150mm x 150mm x 3.5mtr 74.55
150mm x 150mm x 3.0mtr 63.90
150mm x 150mm x 2.5mtr 53.25
150mm x 150mm x 2.0mtr 42.60
200mm x 150mm x 4.5mtr 127.35
200mm x 100mm x 4.5mtr 85.05
130mm x 130mm x 4.5mtr 72.00
100mm x 100mm x 4.5mtr 42.75
100mm x 100mm x 2.5mtr 23.75

Points to Note
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  • All prices exclusive of VAT (VAT currently 20%)

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