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Birch Ply BB/BB (Waterproof phenolic bond between Birch layers). High class solid plywood, Birch throughout. Marine Quality.
4mm2440 x 122025.00
6mm2440 x 122028.00
9mm2440 x 122032.00
12mm2440 x 122046.00
15mm2440 x 122061.00
18mm2440 x 122074.00
24mm2440 x 122070.00
4mm1220 x 6107.50
6mm1220 x 6108.40
9mm1220 x 6109.60
12mm1220 x 61013.80
15mm1220 x 61018.30
18mm1220 x 61022.20
Exterior hardwood plywood
6mm3050 x 152549.00
9mm3050 x 152570.00
12mm3050 x 152596.00
18mm3050 x 1525113.00
Malayan Exterior Ply BB/CC.(Water resistant bond between hardwood layers- not suitable for submersion). Utility plywood from Malaysia.Not a decorative ply, (grading allows for a percentage of filler), but a good all-purpose board. The sizes of smaller sheets may vary by a few millimetres.
3.6mm610 x 6101.60
3.6mm915 x 6102.40
3.6mm1220 x 6103.20
3.6mm1830 x 6104.80
3.6mm1220 x 9154.80
3.6mm2440 x 122010.70
5.5mm610 x 6102.30
5.5mm915 x 6103.45
5.5mm1220 x 6104.60
5.5mm1830 x 6106.90
5.5mm1220 x 9156.90
5.5mm2440 x 1220No stock
9mm610 x 6103.10
9mm915 x 6104.65
9mm1220 x 6106.20
9mm1830 x 6109.30
9mm1220 x 9159.30
9mm2440 x 1220No stock
12mm610 x 6104.30
12mm915 x 6106.45
12mm1220 x 6108.60
12mm1830 x 61012.90
12mm1220 x 91512.90
12mm2440 x 122028.60
15mm1220 x 6109.60
15mm2440 x 122032.00
18mm610 x 6106.00
18mm915 x 6109.00
18mm1220 x 61012.00
18mm1830 x 61018.00
18mm1220 x 91518.00
18mm2440 x 122040.00
25mm2440 x 122053.00
Softwood Sheathing Plywood C+/C. An economy plywood with class 3 exterior glue.
12mm2440 x 122022.00
18mm2440 x 122034.00
BR/BR Birch. A model makers' ply for exacting, high quality work where thinness is important. Interior-moisture resistant
1.5mm1525 x 152525.00
Birch Ply BB Interior-moisture resistant
3.5mm1525 x 152510.00
Flexible Plywood, moisture resistant class 1 adhesive (interior)
5mm1200 x 2440025.50
Lightweight Laser Plywood, Italian Poplar AB/AB-moisture resistant class 1 adhesive (interior)
3mm2500 x 122027.00
Indonesian Blockboard. Sold in full sheets only.
18mm2440 x 122035.50
OSB III (Sterling Board)
9mm2400 x 119715.00
11mm2440 x 122019.80
18mm2440 x 122030.00
18mm2400 x 600 T&G16.50
Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) (Interior)
3mm2440 x 1220 White6.00
3mm2440 x 12207.00
4mm2440 x 12208.50
6mm2440 x 122013.00
9mm2440 x 122016.00
12mm2440 x 122021.00
15mm2440 x 122022.50
18mm915 x 6107.00
18mm1220 x 6109.30
18mm1830 x 61013.95
18mm1220 x 91513.95
18mm2440 x 61018.60
18mm1220 x 122018.60
18mm2440 x 122031.00
25mm2440 x 1220No stock
Moisture Resistant MDF.
6mm2440 x 122019.00
9mm2440 x 122017.00
12mm2440 x 122024.00
15mm2440 x 122024.00
18mm2440 x 122038.00
18mm3050 x 122039.50
25mm2440 x 122042.00
Butt & Bead Moisture Resistant MDF.The bead runs along the length of the board at 102mm centres, giving the appearance of tongue & groove boards when painted..
9mm3050 x 121638.00
Birch Hexaply. Phenolic plywood with hexagonal slip-resistant dimples on one face. Used on boats and for trailer boarding.
18mm2440 x 122090.00
12mm2440 x 122058.00
Birch mesh-faced plywood. A more economical version of Hexaply.
18mm2440 x 122059.40

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