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Specialist Timber for Turnery and/or Carving

We keep specialist timbers ideally suited to carving and/or turnery applications.
Turnaround on squares, blanks etc. is extremely fast, making it impractical to provide an exhaustive list of our stock- please call in and browse our hardwood and blank showroom at the rear of the main shop.
All prices exclude V.A.T. (Currently 20%).

Size Price each + V.A.T.
300mm x 50mm x 50mm 6.50 each +Vat
125mm x 125mm x 50mm 7.00 each +Vat
Banksia Nuts
Size Price each + V.A.T.
Various 7.00 each +Vat
Blackwood 'Square Bells'. Approximately 75mm across at the base, 125mm high.
Size Price
  7.00 each +Vat
Bubinga. From Central Africa. A rich brown hardwood excellent for turnery. Alongside these small turning blocks, some large 3" planks are available- please enquire.
Size Price each + V.A.T.
150mm x 50mm x 50mm 2.50 each
900mm x 40mm x 40mm 11.00 each
150mm x 150mm x 50mm 7.00 each
200mm x 200mm x 75mm 18.00 each
Canary Wood. Air dried. A quality exotic for handles, bowls etc. Yellow to light orange in appearance.
Size Price each + V.A.T.
75mm x 175mm x 175mm 27
65mm x 125mm x 125mm 11
75mm x 150mm x 150mm 20
50mm x 200mm x 200mm 22
Jelutong. Very popular for carving, particularly when the finished item is to be painted. Latex tracts are not considered a defect.Very substantial stock of 4" thick planks, between 4" and 8" wide.
Thickness Price
100mmRandom width planks, usually between 4" and 8" wide.43.20 per cubic foot + Vat
Size Price
125mm x 125mm x 40mm 3.00
100mm x 100mm x 40mm 2.50
200mm x 200mm x 50mm 11.00
Lime. One of the best European Hardwoods for carving- Lime cuts cleanly and holds detail well. Planks and blocks of Lime can be cut, planed and delivered to you by carrier.The current stock of 100mm is Italian.
Thicknesses Price per cubic foot + Vat.
100mm 56.16
Mallee, Red or Brown (Australia).
Size Price per kilo
Size Price each + V.A.T.
50mm x 50mm x 300mm 10.00
Mopane. Hard and dense. A rich brown hardwood with dark streaking, often used for traditional flute making.
Size Price each + V.A.T.
125mm x 125mm x 50mm 11 each +Vat
50mm x 50mm x 300mm 11 each +Vat
50mm x 50mm x 150mm 6.50 each +Vat
Olivewood (Italy).Yellowish brown with darker veins of various shades. Turns cleanly and smoothly. Alongside these turning blocks, we have a small stock of inconsistently-shaped but highly-figured 1" thick boards.
Size Price each + V.A.T.
50mm x 150mm x 150mm 13.00
65mm x 150mm x 150mm 17.00
75mm x 75mm x 300mm 19.00
40mm x 40mm x 300mm 5.00
Padauk. Africa. High-class joinery hardwood, excellent for turning. Alongside these turning blocks we have some sawn planks for sale.
Thicknesses Price each + V.A.T.
75mm x 200mm x 200mm 13.00
75mm x 160mm x 160mm 9.00
Panga Panga.
Size Price each plus vat.
50mm x 50mm x 300mm 11.00
50mm x 50mm x 150mm 5.50
50mm x 125mm x 125mm 11.00
50mm x 100mm x 100mm 7.00
Pearwood. Alongside these turning blocks, some 2" planks are available.
Size Price each plus vat.
50mm x 125mm x 125mm 7.00
Purpleheart. Central America. Dull brown when freshly sawn, rapidly turning a characteristic shade of purple. Turns well, and is often used in marquetry. Some sawn planks are available, alongside these turning blocks.
Size Price each plus V.A.T.
225mm x 225mm x 75mmawaiting new stock 
Purpleheart planks
Size Price per cubic foot
Various sizes available- please enquireawaiting new stock 
Rosewood (Indian).
Size Price each plus V.A.T.
40mm x 125mm x 1060mm 50.00
40mm x 125mm x 1220mm 57.00
40mm x 150mm x 900mm 52.00
50mm x 125mm x 125mm 7.00
Sycamore. U.K. and Northern Europe. Turns well, giving a smooth clean finish.
 Assorted small blocks 
Tambootie. A variable rich to dark brown appearance with a pleasant odour. N.B. We are reliably informed that Tambootie gives off a harmful smoke when burnt.
Thickness Price
38mm x 38mm x 450mm 10 each +Vat
50mm x 125mm x 125mm 13.50 each +Vat
Tulipwood. South America. Air dried. Hard and heavy with a straight grain, often with a pleasingly striped appearance.
Size Price
40mm x 40mm x 200mm 14 each +Vat
Wenge. West Africa. Usually pronounced 'when-gay'. Dark, quite dramatic appearance. Porous with oily surfaces- can present a challenge if fine finishing is required. Gloves, good ventilation and dust extraction essential.
Thickness Price
50mm x 290mm x 290mm 23.00
50mm x 215mm x 215mm 18.00
Yew mini logs
  50p each +vat
Zebrano. Turns well and has characteristic stripes, hence the name.
Thickness Price per cubic foot.
50mm P.O.A.
Collector's Kit. One each of the following popular woods for turning; Amazaque, Bubinga, Ipe, Maple, Pau Amarello, Pear, Purpleheart, Satinwood, Sycamore, and Zebrano.Species may vary slightly. Each piece is stamped for identification.
Size Price
50mm x 50mm x 150mm Out of stock

Points to Note
  • All prices in GBP ()
  • All prices exclusive of VAT (VAT currently 20%)
  • Local delivery service available
  • Mail Order available for smaller items

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